Randonautica – The Weirdest TikTok Trend Yet

TikTok has taken the world by storm following the demise of Musical.ly and has set off the world in a storm of dance moves and funny comedy sketches. If you see someone looking into the distance looking like a complete nutter then the chances are that they’re making a “TikTok”.

BUT! Just like the rest of the internet it didn’t take long for this to take a twisted turn into the weird pool of the internet..

What’s It All Aboout?

In February of this year (2020, in case your’re a time traveler or something, who knows these days!) an app emergered on both Apple and Andriod’s stores. Before long, videos of users using it to find some crazy and often weird encounters soon began to emrege on the popular TikTok platform.

Randonautica uses some “sciencey” things called QRP (Quantum Random Points) to scource out what you desire. It’s like a wish finding version of Pokemon GO! – Except the difference is this is supposedly REAL!!

That’s right, you install this app and ask of it what you will but you have to be careful what you wish for. People have found alls sorts using Randonautica including crime scenes, witchcraft, treasure and more..

Why Are We Telling You About This?

Here at SHIFT Magazine we’ll do anything to get out for a good drive and, yes, even we’ve had a go! Honestly, we did see some weird stuff..

The first point took us to a tree in the woods which had a cable wrapped around it in a way we can only describe as “Sinister”. We had asked for something spooky and it delivered. Due to the whole setup there we decided not to take any pics or document it.

A little shook, we then decided to ask for ighter and nicer things such as wealth and treasure (who doesn’t?). The app took us to quite an affluent are which we didn’t know exsisted even though it was just around the corner from us.

Needless to say this app has become quite interesting on TikTok and some of the reports on Reddit and Youtube are more than spooky. All we can suggest is you give it a go…if you feel brave enough!

But remeber to stay safe, do not go alone and most importantly…


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